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since 1916

Welcome to Kalimark , where tradition meets refreshment in every sip. Indulge in our legacy of Flavors that have been delighting ….

Made by us, with love

Embark on a journey through time with Kalimark, a legacy steeped in rich history and a commitment to unparalleled taste. Since our inception in 1916, we have been at the forefront of crafting beverage experiences that transcend generations.

Our History

Kalimark’s story began with a vision to create beverages that not only quench thirst but also leave an indelible mark on taste buds. Over the years, we have evolved, adapted, and innovated, always staying true to our roots while embracing the dynamic palate of our diverse audience.
From our iconic sodas to a diverse range of refreshing concoctions, each sip encapsulates the essence of tradition and quality that defines Kalimark. Our commitment to using the finest ingredients and adhering to time-honored recipes has earned us the trust and loyalty of generations of consumers.
As we stride into the future, we continue to blend innovation with our heritage, ensuring that every bottle of Kalimark not only tells a story but becomes a part of yours. Join us in celebrating over a century of taste, tradition, and togetherness – because at Kalimark, our history is as vibrant as the flavors we create.












Our Products

Indulge your senses in the exquisite world of Kalimark products, where each sip is a symphony of flavors meticulously crafted to perfection. Elevate your taste experience with the unparalleled quality and tradition that define Kalimark’s exceptional range.





Celebrating 100 years
of Kalimark

Caffeine is a word that doesn’t exist in Kalimark’s Dictionary. We have concern towards the taste of the drink but no compromises in health.
Just close your eyes and experience the happiness which just can’t explained by feeling the perfect balance of fizziness and touch of the authentic flavor.
This is our fizzy grape blend formulated for a tasty treat. It starts with a sip and wouldn’t stop you next !

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