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1916 is the origin of the Legendary drink ‘KALIMARK‘ by its founder Shri.P.V.S.K.Palaniappa Nadar and P.Unnamalai Ammal. During that year they started their commercial production of indigenous soft drinks, at Virudhupatti currently known as Virudhunagar.

While on a steady growth their sons, Shri.K.P.Rajendran, Shri.K.P.Dharmarajan, Shri.K.P.Ganesan along with their sister Smt.G.Dhamayandhi joined hands with the founder and with the idea of the youngsters enlarged their business in various cities such as Madras (Chennai), Madurai and Tirunelveli. The second decade family members introduced the famous carbonated soft beverage ’BOVONTO‘ during the year 1959,which created a big bang in the soft drinks market and gave the family a great breakthrough and self identity.

The grandsons and great grandsons of the founders took active part in the business of ‘Kalimark’ together and stretched their business all over Tamilnadu.

During the decade all the products of kalimark were sold in pet bottles and all members have installed pet bottle machines in their factories, and developed their own markets, to meet out the market demand. The two families Shri.K.P.Rajendran and Shri.K.P.Dharmarajan son’s took active part in floating the new Private Limited Company ‘KALIS SPARKLING WATER P.LTD‘ at Madurai.

There are Lakhs and Lakhs of satisfied customers who enjoy the Quality and Taste every day., which is the main motto of ‘Kalimark’ and is to be maintained in the years to come..